Armand de Brignac

The Cattier family has a rich and storied history as an elite Champagne house. In the tiny French village of Chigny-les-Roses, the Cattiers have owned and cultivated family vineyards since 1763. The Cattier Champagne house remains independently-owned and run by the family with a staff of fewer than 20 people. Patriarch Jean-Jacques Cattier oversees the Chateau’s wine production, and with strictly limited annual production, M. Cattier and his staff ensure that the family’s artisanal winemaking traditions are alive in each bottle. Centuries spent perfecting the art of Champagne are put to use in each Cattier cuvee. The result is that the Cattier name has become synonymous with prized, boutique wines for the discriminating Champagne connoisseur. Cattier is regularly recognized by the international wine community for the consistent excellence of its Champagnes.