Founded in 1879, the Boutari Company represents one of the main Greek companies with important export activity in over 45 countries and with an international orientation in the wine business, thus leading the establishment of Greek wine internationally.

The wide range of its products over 40 different labels in total cover a large spectrum of needs of the increasingly demanding consumer of today. Over 280 distinctions over the past years, in the most important and established international wine competitions, exemplify the remarkable work by the Boutari team of oenologists and their consistent emphasis on quality.

In 2005, the brand “Boutari” was the only wine brand that was awarded the title of Superbrand as the most recognizable brand in the Greek wine market. In 2011 the Boutari Company was also awarded as the “International Winery of the Year” for the 14th time from the magazine “Wine & spirits”, thus now ranking among the top 10 wineries in the world historically with a distinction for so many years for the high quality and particular character of its wines.

Have a look at Boutari's six wineries, each located a different in different part of Greece which specializes in the main varietal from that region. Starting from the left Goumenissa, Naoussa, Mantinia, the Island of Crete, Athens and the Island of Santorini.