Navarino Vineyards

Navarino Vineyards, launched by Costa Navarino in collaboration with acclaimed Greek vintners, are the destination’s organic vineyards Navarino Vineyards produce wines and spirits to acquaint people around the world with the Messinian and Greek wine culture. Navarino Vineyards are located closed to the nearby village of Mouzaki, in an area covering 55 hectares and at approximately 550m altitude. These old vines grow in an area with ideal climate –a main characteristic of this location- which due to its temperature variation between morning and night, the right elevation and level of humidity is fit for producing grapes distinguished for their excellence. The end result brings out the unique characteristics of the Messinian soil. The organic vineyards were awarded with two Silver Awards & one Seal of Approval at the International Wine Challenge (AWC) Vienna 2013, having also won a Silver Award in 2012.