Empathy Wines


Empathy wines was born with the mission of making great wines at more accessible prices. By disrupting the old school wine industry model, Empathy wines provide the best value to the people that matter most: “The people who drink the wine, and the farmers who grow the grapes.”. Co-founders Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Troutman and Nate Scherotter met working in the win industry. They grew from colleagues to close friends, and along the way, pioneered a lot of innovation in the world of wine together. The Wine Library catapulted from a mom-and-pop local wine shop in New Jersey, into one of the very few and largest independent e-commerce wine retailers. They started Empathy Wines as an alternative. A winery circumventing traditional channels. They craft the wines with grapes grown from top vineyard sites, by amazing farmers, and make them a key part of the story. You end up with a truly special bottle of wine delivered to you, for a fraction of the price.