Fix Hellas Beer

FIX HELLAS Lager is brewed in Greece by the Olympic Brewery. It is a wholly owned Greek brewing company that was re-launched into the Greek market in 2010. FIX was first brewed in 1833 by Johann Ludwig Fuchs (Fix) who used the knowledge taught to him by his father in developing a beer for the new at the time Royal House of Greece. Encouraged by the Northern European elite quickly taking commissions in Greece post its independence, Fuchs son Johann Karl Fuchs (FIX is taken form the Greek translation of their name) opened the FIX Brewery in 1864 in Athens Greece.
The company remained in family hands until 1983 when the last of the FIX descendants to remain a master brewer saw the company foreclosed.
In 2009 the Olympic Brewing Company re-launched the brand into the Greek market place and when it was bought by Hitos AVEE, the brand received an increased focus and celebrated re emergence as a popular Greek beer and brand.
FIX HELLAS Lager is made from the finest quality hops and is drawn from a recipe handed down from the original brewer.
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Volkan Beer

Volkan beer is the first Greek beer born in Santorini, inspired and made from the finest local ingredients of the Greek islands. Volkan beer brings you the inspiration and uniqueness of Santorinian rare flavors. Santorini has a unique ecology and climate, and from its volcanic ash soil, grow unique products with rare and intense flavors.


Santorini honey

Santorini honey is only harvested once every year, unlike most honeys, which are harvested 4-5 times per year. During the Volkan brewing process this special honey is added near the end, to ensure that its source flavors are preserved and to give to the beer a very delicate touch of sweetness.

Naxos Citrus Medica, Local, Greek and Ancient

The other defining ingredient of Volkan beer is the Ancient Citron or Citrus medica. Rare and very difficult to harvest, Citrus medica has never been used in a beer until now. Citron is the oldest known variety of citrus. Citron, often green when ripe, has very little juice but a powerful aroma and taste, distinct from other citruses. This unique citron essence is added to Volkan during and after the brewing process, and the resulting taste is incomparable: dry, sharp, earthy and sweet. Volkan is proud to use local and ancient ingredients to help make the taste of the beer fresh, exceptional and authentically Greek.

Lavarock filter

The water with which a beer is brewed helps determine the taste of the brew. To make an authentic Santorini brew, the creators of Volkan beer first condition the brew water with in Volkan’s proprietary lava-rock filter. The filter developed exclusively for Volkan aims to simulate how Santorini’s groundwater may have tasted thousands of years ago. The filter uses real volcanic rocks (basalt), formed from the Santorini eruption of 1500 B.C, rich with potassium and other minerals, to lay the foundation for a complex, flavorful brew with historic undertones that you can taste.

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Anassa Organics Tea

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Da Capo Cafe

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Green Cola

Green Cola Company keeps following the culture of its first production team formed many decades ago. The combination of tradition's authenticity with creation, is of fundamental importance towards creating innovative products of high quality, that respect consumer. Armed with greater passion for innovation and new trends' research on soft drinks, the team of GCC continues to experiment, searching for new recipes, hoping to increase consumer's already positive stream towards its products.
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IOLI Natural Spring Water springs from an artesian source coming from the mountain of Iti in central Greece.

The area has always been famous for its springs and its excellent water resources. During its underground flow IOLI is enriched from the geological formations with major and minor constituents and is naturally filtered through the pores of the rock formations of its underground environment.

Thus, IOLI reaches the earth’s surface in a state of doubtless and consistent purity. IOLI Natural Spring Water reaches the consumer in its natural condition as it springs from the mountain without any kind of treatment or intervention in its composition. The successive stages of its bottling procedure and production occur under strict specifications and are certified with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001:1999, Occupational Health & Safety Management System and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System certificates.

IOLI Natural Spring Water springs pure, mild, natural, balanced and enriched with most precious constituents that are offered to it by the best factory of the world… Nature’s Factory.

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Ivi Juices

IVI juices and softdrinks

We’re proud to offer IVI Fruit Juices including Pineapple, Grapefruit Orange, Black Cherry and IVI’s Lemon and Orange Soft drinks.

IVI Juices are high quality natural fruit juices. The full line of products are guaranteed for a 9 month shelf life thanks to the special Tetra Brick aseptic packaging.

Natural products, without preservatives. IVI fruit juices are offered in 2 sizes, 1 L and 250 ml in fourteen great flavours. The production facilities comply to EN ISO 9002.

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Add a splash of refreshing, revitalizing Mediterranean mystery to any moment with this unique sparkling water flavored with mastiha.

MASTIQUA springs from a centuries-old Mediterranean tradition as deep as the roots of the tree from which it is gathered. For many centuries, the wise people of the Mediterranean have mixed mastiha, the precious sap of the mastiha tree, with water to create a special drink believed to have purifying properties for the body and soul. When you sip your first delicious, sparkling MASTIQUA you become part of an ancient Mediterranean tradition.

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Nektar Coffee

In 1951 in Argos, Greece G. Neofotistos opened the first commercial location for NEKTAR coffee. Selecting only superior Arabica and Robusta coffee beans cultivated in America, Asia and Africa. NEKTAR follows their old and successful recipe for making your cup with pure and freshly grounded coffee. Today NEKTAR is available all around Greece with a growing presence around the world. They focus mainly on Greek coffee but also develop new products and won 1st Prize at the "The 100 Best" Products of the Year 2012.

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Nomada Honey Soda

Manos and Nikolas Smyrlakis created the first natural honey soda, and bottle the world's oldest and most traveled recipe. The true essence of Nomada. They searched for over three years to find the perfect balance of each ingredient that would enhance both the taste and the benefits of the recipe, the oldest home remedy in the world. The natural ingredients, the perfect terroir, the heritage of the recipe itself, the travelling and maturation of the recipe in time.
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Souroti natural mineral water bubbles up from the homonymous historical spring, which according to scientists is estimated to have a depth of approximately 150m, which is considered to be ideal for 'mineral' springs.

With 1.350 mg of dissolved mineral solids per litre it is classified as one of the most enriched "mineral" waters in the world. One litre of Souroti provides around 1/5 of an adult’s daily needs in calcium and around 1/6 of his magnesium needs.  It has beneficial properties on the nervous system, muscles and metabolism. It is ideal for digestion, refreshing and also regularizes the function of the digestive and urinary systems.

It is rich in carbonates, beneficial minerals and trace elements (such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, chlorine, fluorine, copper, chromium, zinc, etc.), which are just as vital as vitamins for a healthy and fit body. Souroti's mineral density is highly beneficial, which makes this "product" one of the richest mineral waters worldwide.

Having established a leading position in the Greek market, we believe that Reliability and Trust are the terms that characterize the philosophy of Souroti S.A. since 1916.


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Fine foods

Agro Creta

AGRO CRETA is a producer, packer and exporter of agricultural products from the island of Crete, Greece. They are one of the main export companies from Western Crete. For the past 20 years they have enjoyed stable growth in terms of volumes and export sales turnover while working with major retail chain accounts and wholesalers around the world.

AGRO CRETA is the only company in Crete that has capacity to supply both fresh and standardized products. Their assortment is continuously developing. It currently ranges from fresh avocados and oranges to olive oil, all produced in house and at the highest standards.
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Halvas Drapetsonas

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Meligyris Honey

At Meligyris Cretan Apiary we continue a long bee farming heritage that dates back to 1920 holding dear to traditional beekeeping methods.

Our hives are spread across the island of Crete and give us a wide range of varietal honey featuring the depth and diversity of the Cretan wild flora. Traditional methods of extraction and collection are used to ensure that the enzymes, protein and natural goodness stay within.

All our honey is raw, unfiltered and cold pressed preserving all the natural health benefits as well as the distinctive aromas and taste of pure Cretan honey.

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Philotimo-The Greek Secret

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Santo Foods

The Union of Santorini Cooperatives was founded in 1947 in order to protect the financial interests of Santorini producers of agricultural products. Parallel to its winemaking activities, the cooperative also specializes in the production of some of Santorini’s most celebrated products. Capers, caper leaves, fava beans, and cherry tomatoes are some of the island’s most representative products.
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Terkenlis Bakeries & Pasteries


The Terkenlis Company was founded in 1948 by Stavros Terkenlis and has been serving the Greek market, without interruption ever since. The current owner and managing director of the business, Pavlos Terkenlis, represents the second generation of a family that has been in the baking and patisserie business, since 1925. Quality is our number-one priority- in absolutely every area of production and services. Determined always to secure the maximum level of customer satisfaction, we do our utmost to ensure: The high quality of our raw ingredients. The best possible conditions for production and distribution, guaranteeing health and safety for our products. A state-of-the-art workplace, encouraging ongoing improvement and career development for our employees. Implementation of the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

Our product range includes a wide variety of Greek and international foods. The list features products which have become traditional patisserie favorites, as well as new and innovative ideas developed in our kitchens. Terkenlis' products include: Tsoureki (brioche), cakes, pies (flakey pasteries), cheese, teacakes, syrup sweets, chocolate treates, tarts, ice cream, lenten and traditional pastries, bread and bread products.

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Three Little Figs

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Babatzim Tsipouro & Ouzo

Anestis Babatzimopoulos is the Greek wine industry's most charismatic figure. Handsome, articulate and a natural storyteller, he is also a patriotic spokesman for the viability of world class wine production in Greece. His extraordinary artisanal ouzo, tsipouro, brandy and mono-varietal apostagma (grappa) compete with any in the world. With a new focus on winemaking and a fantastic new winery among his vineyards in Ossa, Babatzimopoulos is continuing the family tradition. Perched on a south-facing slope at significant altitude (600 meters), the spacious winery will have a separate distillery employing the company's original stills and room to host what will ultimately become a living museum of the area's rich cultural and artistic traditions.
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Eva Distillery

The GREEK DISTILLATION COMPANY SA or “EVA” is the abbreviation of the word eviva, the known “cheers”, which indicates the warm movement and the clinking sound of the glasses through which the horizons of human relationships open, the uniqueness of the moment, life itself. The company which is considered by the locals as one big family and was founded in 1995 making it one more successful attempt to the already established and diverse business achievements by the Patrikopoulos Brothers. The grandfather of the founders originated from Pergamon in Asia Minor, leaving to the next generations a great heritage, distillation secrets, passion and traditional ouzo recipes. The establishment of “EVA” followed the hitherto 26 year entrepreneurial activity in the food and drinks sector. 

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Kreta Raki

Their story begins in 2000, when the families Stamatakis and Diamantakis both having huge knowledge and history in the distilling business joined together, combining tradition, meraki (passion) and creativity, founding a new venture with the name DS DISTlLLERS.

They are located in the very heart of Malevizou province just outside village Kato Asites, an area with huge history in grape cultivation, vinification and distillation. Their efforts are focused in creation of high quality products in combination with all necessary steps in the production chain, with consistency, safeguearding the quality of raw materials, respecting farmers, nature, and the consumers. Their goal is to bring out the best possible outcome and put in place the Cretan Raki and all other Greek distilling products.

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Otto's Athens Vermouth

A few steps away from Otto’s house, on the upper floor of a neoclassical building under the buzz of a one of the top 50 bars of the world (THE CLUMSIES), award winning bartenders Nikos Bakoulis and Vasilis Kyritsis together with a passionate team revived the great times of Athens Vermouth and crafted the first bottle of Otto’s Athens Vermouth.
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Ouzo Mini

Since 1889 in Mytilene's narrow streets, tavern owners were trying to distill in copper pots a unique combination of alcohol and aniseed ethereal oils from the best fields of Lesvos. In these streets, where the delicious aroma of herbs was floating through the air, the history of ouzo MINI of Mytilene begun.

1967: The first "official page“ of the Association of Mytilene Distilleries (EPOM) and of ouzo MINI was written, right at the sea front where 17 manufacturers agreed to join forces in a collective effort. They all shared a common vision: to distribute their favourite ouzo all over the globe. It was the beginning of a successful and steady development. EPOM represents the continuity of long tradition and accumulated expertise along with the strong feelings that accompany ouzo's production: this is what made EPOM one of the largest OUZO manufacturers in Greece.
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Roots Spirits

"Roots premium liqueurs are handcrafted, based on age-old herbal remedies,
a family legacy of distilling dating back to 1850, and the 100% natural, native ingredients of Greece." Roots have been celebrated in some of the best bars around the world and represent the new age of liqueurs.

ROOTS, by taking us “back to the Roots”, showcase a range of four premium liqueurs with true heritage.

Roots logo is organic and transforms for each spirit.

The Hexagon form represents the honey comb for Roots Rakomelo. The Rhombus represents a crystal from the mastiha resin which is used for Roots Mastic. The Circle represents the oval shape at the bottom of a stick of cinnamon, for Roots Kanela. The Cross reveals the monastic 'herbal' character of Roots Diktamo.

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Skinos Mastiha

Ancient Greeks knew it as a cure for bellyaches. Roman emperors used to spice their wine with it. Turkish Sultans harem ladies chewed it for fresh breath and fighting boredom. From a small Mediterranean island, Mastiha has traveled & conquered the world with its distinctive aroma and mysterious attributes.

Today Skinos Mastiha Spirit adopts the very same traditional harvesting and distillation process and creates a unique product, ideal to drink chilled before or after dinner.

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California started harvesting grapes in the 18th century, but the Golden State really became a global winemaking celebrity in 1976. That year California wines entered the infamous Judgment of Paris blind wine tasting competition, surprising the wine world by beating French wines in both red and white wine categories.

In the 1970s, production and sales of California wines reached record levels. To meet growing demand, new vineyards were planted. European wineries and winemakers offered their own form of flattery by purchasing vineyard land and joining the California wine industry. Vintners from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and many other countries are now part of California’s wine industry.

Abundant sunshine ensures a consistent and long grape growing season, along with a diverse terroir which supports a multitude of winegrape varieties and surprising flavour variation within them. California's 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) of rugged coastline expose nearby vineyards to natural "air conditioning" in the form of fog and breezes, making for exceptional Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and other cool climate varieties. Warmer interior valleys receive the same cooling effect thanks to rivers, lakes and deltas. Meanwhile, vines planted along the hillsides get a fine mixture of cooling air and bright, unfiltered sun-conditions that Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were born to love.

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When you open a bottle of French wine, you open the door to a whole universe of discovery. The reason is that, when it comes to making wine, France not only has history on its side, it also has something to suit every palate and every pocket.

The source of this variety lies in the many different wine-growing regions of France, all of which have something unique to offer wine drinkers. These regions aren’t just place names on a map: each one represents a patchwork of soil types and weather conditions, which combine to create the world’s most distinctive and individual wines.

Whatever kind of wine you prefer, there’s a French wine to suit every occasion and any budget. Remember, when you put a splash of French in your glass, you’re beginning a wonderful and exciting voyage of discovery.

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Wine has been an important part of Greek culture for over 4000 years as the numerous archaeological discoveries throughout Greece have revealed.  For the ancient Greeks the culture of wine was embodied in the deity, Dionysus.  Many festivities were held in honour of Dionysus.  In recent years, the Greek wine industry has undergone enormous improvement with serious investments in modern wine making technology.  The new generation of native winemakers is being trained in the best wine schools around the world and their efforts are paying off as Greek wines continue to receive the highest awards in international competitions as well as the recognition they deserve throughout the world.

What makes Greek wine so unique are the more than 300 indigenous grape varieties grown there, some of which have been cultivated since ancient times.  Many of the world’s best wine critics agree that the distinct flavours that come from these native grape varieties are a strong marketing advantage for the Greek wine industry.  Many well-known international grape varieties are also used in Greek wine making.  This extensive variety of grapes together with the moderate Greek climate, plentiful sunshine, low average rainfall and soils of moderate fertility combine to provide an excellent environment for the production of high quality wines.

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The Italian wine industry provides a wide assortment of wines with various aromas, flavors and textures. The diversity of these wines tends to harmonize with various types of food because of their overall natural acidity. The extensive latitudinal range of the terroir allows the grapevines to be caressed by the convergence of many natural forces including climate, temperature variation, sunshine, soil, humidity, slope, elevation, sea breeze and rainfall. Terroir is a French word that passionately describes the total impact of a given micro-climate’s geography. These forces produce a kaleidoscope of wines in many distinctive wine regions throughout the Italian peninsula.
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New Zealand

New Zealand wine is an experience like no other.  The special combination of soil, climate and water, an innovative pioneering spirit and commitment to quality all come together to deliver pure, intense and diverse experiences. In every glass of New Zealand Wine is a world of pure discovery.  New Zealand’s commitment to producing award-winning wines, that reflect its pure landscape and climate, has driven the country’s wine industry to become a world leader in sustainability.
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Firmly rooted in tradition and steeped in history but at the same time modern and vibrant, Spain offers spectacular variety in types and styles of wine. From rustic to refined, traditional to innovative, red, white, sparkling and fortified, the wines of Spain offer something very special to all wine enthusiasts. Spain is a large country geographically and has more acreage under grape cultivation than any other country in the world. Wine grapes are grown throughout every region of the country with Castilla-La Mancha having nearly half of the planted acreage, followed by Extremadura, Valencia, Castilla-Leon, Catalonia, Murcia and Rioja. About two thirds of all wines produced in Spain are table wines with about one-third comprising high-quality wines that follow the European production model.

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